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Jacob Becker Serial Entrepreneur Business/Personal Success Coach Website Launch

Jacob Becker, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping other people find success in every aspect of their lives, has announced the launch of his new website.

More details can be found at

The announcement will be of interest to people who want to learn from Becker’s experience, which took him from living on the breadline at the age of 30 to becoming a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses and a happy family life.

Becker started his entrepreneurial journey early. He started out in middle school selling candy bars before moving on to Pokemon cards. After leaving school, he opened a physical eBay store.

Somewhere on the road to success, he lost his way and found himself heavily struggling financially, addicted to painkillers, and with no real direction in life.

Despite this setback, Becker never lost faith in his abilities and eventually set up a digital marketing company from his bedroom, which eventually enabled him to get his life back on track.

Since then, Becker has launched multiple successful companies, been featured on television and radio, and employs a number of people all across the world.

The entrepreneur enjoys the process of setting up and running new businesses and wants to help other people experience some of the success he has experienced.

Becker believes that success is based on a three-step process – Action, Focus, and Persistence. Without action, ideas, ambitions, and goals are useless. Without focus, it’s too easy to stray off the path. Without persistence, entrepreneurs might never be able to push through adversity and find success.

However, because success isn’t only defined by career advancement and financial gain, Jacob works with like-minded entrepreneurs to help them focus on becoming more fulfilled, content, and happy individuals.

A spokesperson for Jacob Becker said, “Change starts with a single step. We all have those dreams and visions of an alternative life, but most of us don’t actually believe those dreams can come true. It’s time to change the way people think and start believing in themselves. If they’ve got those big dreams, they need to be prepared to fight for them.”

More information about how Jacob Becker can help individuals take positive action to make a more significant impact in their professional and personal lives is available at

Jacob Becker
Jacob Becker

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