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IMAGINEM Magazine for independent eye care pros/ fashionistas/ eye doctors

Customers looking for the latest IMAGINEM Magazine Service will soon be able to get involved with IMAGINEM. Today Charlene Nichols, Strategic Marketing/ Sales Enablement Director at IMAGINEM releases details of the new IMAGINEM Magazine Service’s development.

The IMAGINEM Magazine Service is designed to appeal specifically to independent eye care professionals/ fashionistas/ optometrists and includes:

exclusive content/ engaging articles/ supporting independent eyewear – This feature was included because This feature was our focus because it is vital to preserve and protect entrepreneurial in eyewear manufacturing.Corporations have made it increasingly difficult for this to occur.. This is great news for the consumer as It will give them access to unique products that go a long way in showcasing one’s individuality. This will also ensure we have more options for the future..

Digital Magazine with virtual try on – This was made part of the service, since We knew it would be a good way help the community understand and embrace this unique eyewear. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because Understanding the stories behind the eyewear is key so there is an appreciation for the behind the scenes..

Independent eyewear advocacy – IMAGINEM made sure to make this part of the IMAGINEM Magazine Service’s development as When choosing brands for a luxury eyecare business it is key to understand the brands and the demographics they serve.. Customers of the IMAGINEM Magazine Service will likely appreciate this because Providing this level of insight into product selection makes curation much easier and more insightful..

Charlene Nichols, when asked about the IMAGINEM Magazine Service said:

“Working behind the scenes on IMAGINEM was one of the best experiences of my career. Having serviced many eye care professionals in many different aspects of our industry. I was shocked how much I did not know about the deep history and rich culture of our industry.”

This is the latest offering from IMAGINEM and Charlene Nichols is particularly excited about this launch because It is super exciting to be in a position to share this magical world of couture eyewear with the world. This sneak peek will be the first ever insider’s portal into the eyewear industry..

Those interested in learning more about IMAGINEM and their IMAGINEM Magazine Service scan do so on the website at


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