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Low Capital Business Growth Strategy – SMB Dropshipping Beginners Guide Launched

Crucial Constructs, an online business expert headquartered in Austin, Texas, has just released its latest industry report. The report is titled “How to Get Your Own Business With Only $250 in Initial Capital”.

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This new small business resource aims to prove that entrepreneurship is more attainable than people think and does not require big upfront costs. For this report, Crucial Constructs interviewed Jen Glantz, who started the company Bridesmaids For Hire for just a few hundred dollars.

According to a survey conducted by the firm Vistaprint, about 62% of all Americans dream of being an entrepreneur. However, many people put off this dream believing only those with large sums of money can start a business.

To dispel this misconception, Crucial Constructs has released a report that offers concrete advice on how to start a lucrative but low-cost enterprise. It covers all aspects of entrepreneurship on a budget, including conceptualizing ideas and optimizing operations.

According to Glantz, it is vital to choose a venture in which the main service is provided by the entrepreneurs themselves. By doing so, they will not have to hire additional employees and online marketing is the only major expense they need to shoulder.

She also adds that people should bank on the unique skills they have, whether artistic or intellectual. This way, their venture will be a natural extension of their abilities and they do not have to invest in learning a new skill or trade.

Given the ubiquity of e-commerce, Glantz says that aspiring entrepreneurs should also consider dropshipping. In this business model, a business acts as a conduit between a manufacturer and consumer, so they do not bear the cost of producing merchandise.

Lastly, the report stresses the importance of always being innovative. With this attitude, people will always be ahead of the curve and can easily spot promising opportunities.

A spokesperson says: “Nowadays, having a secondary business outside our main activity is not as difficult as we think; you just need to have a good idea, an entrepreneurial attitude, and some money saved. “

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