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Maryland Medicare Insurance Plans Can Be Expensive: This Broker Has The Solution

Independent Medicare Broker Peter Palmiotto announced today a major effort by his brokerage firm Maryland Medicare Options, to help reduce the rising costs of Medicare insurance plans in Maryland. With annual costs rising by up to 20% annually, Mr. Palmiotto felt it was critical to expand their offerings to help clients find the lowest priced options.

“As costs rise within the Medicare market, it’s vital that we offer plans from as many companies as we can in order to locate the lowest rates with the highest levels of coverage possible” Peter noted. He added “Since 2011 I’ve always tried to carry at least a dozen Medicare insurance companies in our focus area, but now, we’ve had to increase that number to well over 20 companies. Each company offers something a little different so that’s reflected in their pricing structures across multiple senior age bands.”

By adding five additional companies to the companies quoting database, Peter hopes to have the most competitive pricing in the state of Maryland for years to come. Peter continued with “I’m always chasing the best pricing out there, because the typical Medicare broker just doesn’t want to put in the work to build out such a vast quoting pool, so I know I can beat 99% of the Medicare agents that sell insurance. It’s as simple as that.”

Faced with rising Medicare insurance rates, having additional insurance companies to choose from gives Maryland Medicare Options the edge over competing firms. Maryland Medicare insurance plans continue to serve the vast majority of eligible seniors across the state, with a few new options that traditional firms are simply overlooking. These include MSA plans and High Deductible supplement gap plans. Both are offered by Mr. Palmiotto.

Focused strictly on finding the perfectly prices Medicare Supplement Plan, Mr. Palmiotto spends countless hours searching and investigating pricing structures for many of the biggest and smallest insurance carriers out there. The relatively unknown companies tend to create more work for Mr. Palmiotto but that doesn’t seem to bother him. The price disparity between the same plan for the same person might be as high as $60 per month. This pricing difference often confuses and frustrates clients simply because of a lack of understanding how these companies operate.

Mr. Palmiotto often handles concerns by clients about some of the unknown Medicare insurance carriers that he represents and says that it’s quite natural for someone to question why they haven’t heard of the company. Through education and assurances that the client is always protected by the rules and regulations that CMS has put into place, Mr. Palmiotto is able to quell most client’s apprehension about signing with a smaller, unknown carrier. From the start Maryland Medicare Options has always examined all possible options for their clients and will do so for many years to come.

Peter Palmiotto is an independent Medicare insurance broker and has been licensed since 2011. He holds licenses in 6 different states to accommodate those living close to Maryland as well as California, Arizona and Florida.

For more information about Peter Palmiotto or Maryland Medicare Options and the services they provide, please call direct 410-896-1212.

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