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New Ways Dentists Help with Childhood Development

While oral examination and teeth cleaning are an important part of maintaining a child’s dental health, dentistry has also adopted new ways to ensure that the healthcare needs of young patients are being met appropriately. Routine dental examinations and cleanings aid children in keeping their teeth and gums healthy, fighting the growth of cavities and gingivitis, and monitor the mouth as a whole during a child’s development. In addition, many pediatric dentists have employed more holistic approaches into their traditional procedures. For instance, some specially trained dental health professionals may extend examinations to include breathing and airway evaluations. Monitoring the airway and assessing the structure of the mouth and throat can lead to early detection of airway disorders that contribute to other serious conditions, such as ADHD, asthma, and poor sleep quality. Additional holistic dental examinations include the diagnosis and treatment of tongue-tie, temporomandibular joint disorder, sleep disorders, narrow dental arches, and uneven jaw or bite patterns.

Treatments for most oral health conditions are usually non-surgical, non-invasive, and can make a significantly positive impact on the way that children develop. One example of this is the use of removable appliances (Vivos) worn mostly at night to help encourage ideal growth of the upper and lower jaws. While traditionally children wait until they lose all their baby teeth to start orthodontic treatment, we have found that the sooner a child starts treatment to grow and expand their jaws it can prevent crooked teeth from forming and can help improve their whole body health.

Ongoing research continues to show connections between oral health and whole-body wellness. Poor development and hygiene of the teeth, jaws, and gums can contribute to a wide array of health issues throughout the body, including heart disease, chronic illness, frequent cases of pneumonia, respiratory conditions, and diabetes. Dentistry plays a crucial role in aiding the healthy development of children and as such, dental health professionals encourage parents to ensure that children attend routine dental examinations every six months.

Golden Heart Dental provides comprehensive tooth, gum, jaw, and airway examinations that improve the whole-body health of children in Fairbanks, AK. Dr. Shawn Miller DDS strives to offer exceptional care to entire families in the Golden Heart of Alaska.

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