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No-code business intelligence platforms revolutionising data science

Every minute a business spends dealing with spreadsheets and other files is a minute that could be used to focus on other operations. Gyana allows businesses to integrate all of their data into a single source. With the Gyana platform, a business can build powerful workflows with 100% data science coverage.

Business intelligence platforms are the new way for businesses to quickly manipulate their data within a database, email, video and so on without the need for coding or even understanding how databases work.

Business intelligence is a lot more versatile than ever before, and real-time data is easily provided so the people within a business who make decisions can be clearly informed and act on insights provided. BI platforms allow for easy customization, whether that be dashboards or creating visualizations of the data so it’s easily digestible.

Success within this fast-paced world of modern business is tough and businesses are required to be more data-driven. In order to do so, business leaders need modern business intelligence platforms in order to help everyone within the business to clearly see and understand their data.

Some readers may be thinking, business intelligence platforms are simply just analytical software packages, but they would be wrong. Analytics has evolved beyond simply churning out numbers and information, they offer support to organisation strategies through easier access to their data streams. In comparison, simple analytics platforms only offer clean, forecasted data – whereas business intelligence tools are robust and adapt as a business grows.

Gyana is a platform that was built completely from scratch for the modern way of the world of business. It is web-first, hosted within the cloud and features in-built collaboration that was designed to work remotely. Their platform offers a no-code, drag and drop based workflow editor that has all the features expected from SQL.

To find out more about their platform and how businesses can build analysis pipelines and tweak for future projects, view their website here:

Gyana Limited c/o WeWork 145 City Road

United Kingdom

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