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Post-Retirement Business Training – Over-60 Employment Options Report Launched

Crucial Constructs, an internet-based resource and training provider for business endeavors, has launched the latest in a series of reports that discusses alternative employment avenues for retirees.

The new report can be found at:

With many people at or nearing retirement age discovering that their financial planning falls short, Crucial Constructs explores a number of less orthodox part-time employment opportunities.

According to a US Government Accountability Office report entitled ‘The Nation’s Retirement System’, retirees today are expected to be less well off than their parents. Factors contributing to this include diminished employer pension benefits, increased cost of healthcare, and cuts to Social Security. Some experts are labeling it a ‘retirement crisis’.

While some of Crucial Constructs’ previous discussion pieces have focused on more well-known part-time jobs, the report advises retirees on some creative approaches to building revenue streams.

As with earlier reports, the author introduces readers to a number of opportunities that have been created by technology and/or the internet.

An example is errand running services, which can be facilitated by websites such as TaskRabbit. As the author explains, increasingly busy lives mean that many people are willing to pay others to do things they don’t have the time or skills to do themselves. Users can sign up for the service and then bid for opportunities in their area.

Similarly, another internet-enabled job opportunity suggested is to provide ride-shares. The report states that websites such as ‘Lyft’ offer the opportunity for anyone with a car and valid driving license to drive for those in need of a ride.

In total, Crucial Constructs provides readers with 20 ideas for post-retirement employment. The latest discussion adds to an extensive library of analysis from the company, much of which is drawn from their online training services.

The author of the article stated: “There is a common misconception that people in their golden years are basically lounging around and spending their retirement money on vacations and gifts for the grandkids. Nothing could be further from the truth. People in retirement long to be just as productive and driven as those considered working age.”

Interested parties can read the report by visiting:

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