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Precious Metal Vendor Comparison – Gold/Silver Dealer Investment Report Launched

Best Gold Investment Review, an alternative investment resource site, has released a report on physical gold dealers. The company is a trusted provider of information on precious metals, cryptocurrency, and other alternative investment options.

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The release of the report aims to inform readers of the pros and cons of purchasing gold from several leading physical precious metal retailers. With their objective analysis, the company’s experts hope to provide a foundation from which readers can expand their research to inform their investment decisions.

The author evaluates top gold vendors on 3 metrics, which include speed, quality, and cost. Each vendor is awarded a score from 1 to 100 on these metrics, and the three scores are averaged to determine their ranking on a 10-point scale.

With a score of 8.9, Birch Gold Group is the most poorly rated precious metal vendor. Though they are criticized for their limited selection of physical gold and silver, Birch Gold Group is praised for their strong alternative investment options and investor education resources.

Ranked third out of 5 vendors, Silver Gold Bull received a strong score of 9.4. Due to the simplicity of their buying and fulfillment processes, the company received a score of 95 for the metric of speed. However, investors can expect to pay more for this convenience, as Silver Gold Bull received a cost score of 90.

The author awarded GoldBroker the highest score of 9.9 due to their outstanding performance across all 3 metrics. As the company has a reputation for excellent customer service, investors can expect to have their investment questions answered with urgency.

Further, the company receives praise for its large selection, competitive pricing, and delivery options. Whereas other vendors have limited shipping options, GoldBroker offers physical delivery to many different international destinations.

A spokesperson for Best Gold Investment Review said: “We believe in transparent and honest information. The idea behind our reviews is simply to provide as much information and insight as possible for any investor to then make informed financial decisions and strategies.”

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