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Reggae/Dancehall/HipHop artiste, Klassick, has released the video of his much-anticipated track, “Grimey Bounce”

Connecticut, USA, 18th February 2021, ZEXPRWIREReggae/Dancehall/HipHop artiste, Renardo Brown, better known by his stage name, klassick, has released the video of his much-anticipated track/new single, “Grimey Bounce”. The song, produced by  Endeavor Music, features the Steppaz dance group, (Dancers from St Thomas, Jamaica) who created the dance and choreography.

Klassick was born (June 4th, 1993) in Clarendon Jamaica at the Percy Junior Hospital. He lived some of his early childhood days in the Parish of Trelawny then moved to a water house in Kingston Jamaica in the year 2003, before moving back to Manchester Jamaica in the year 2006. 

Klassick attended Holmwood Technical High school Between the year 2008-2012 where he obtained  nine (9)CXC (Caribbean examination council). After which he went on to do some tertiary level  education attending the Knox Community College before migrating to the U.S (united states of America)  in 2015 where he currently resides.  

Klassick found the love for music at a very young age (9) when he attended church with his  grandmother, who he finds joy in, while she sings in the choir. However, he was inspired by General  Degree, and Bling Dawg when he attended a local show where they performed. That’s when he decided  to write and record his first song: (“Things get tuff in the gutter”). 

When he migrated to the USA in late 2015 he was then introduced by a friend/mentor Esron Endeavor  to EMG (endeavor music group). Where he took his music career to the next level. He was featured on  Ghetto Splash, Penny Concert, and other local shows and parties in the Tri-State. Also did radio  interviews on busy radio 92.9 FM of Hartford Connecticut and other internet radio station located  mainly in the USA. Klassick can be found on all social media platforms. 

Klassick, who dreams of one day, having a collaboration with the likes of Run Town, WizKid, Movado,  and Lila Ike, revealed that he’s currently working on two upcoming Ep, one with his team (Endeavor  Music Group) and the other with an overseas producer (Purix Records). There are also many upcoming  singles and videos to be released in 2021. 

When Klassick is not recording music in the studio, he unwinds by playing chess, reading, and playing  soccer. He also loves chilling with friends/family and playing board games whilst sipping his favorite  beverage (Hennessy Chased with magnum tonic wine on the rocks). Klassick also spends time away from  music to grow his company, Lockchatt LLC, a clothing line brand, that’s also featured in the video.  

With his rise to stardom imminent and inevitable, Klassick has a piece of advice for his fans and listeners:  “My advise to my fans is, in whatever you do stay focused and positive, regardless of the obstacles you  may meet along the way. Never wait on anyone for their approval, always approve one’s self first. Write  your own story know your value and worth. A man can only be as great as he thinks and believes”, he  admonished.  

Marcus Garvey once said that “With confidence, you have won before you have started.” Klassick is a  man brimming with confidence. He believes in himself more than anything, for as he said, “I truly see myself being recognized and respected by my peers as the number one breakout artiste in this new era.  By achieving some of the greatest accolades this musical journey has to offer.”

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