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Save Time, Labor, Get Actionable Sales Data-Using Printing Management Systems

Streamline Printing Management

Industry reports indicate a rise in demand for printed goods, from commercial, wide format, labels, corrugated and packaging products. Even with the disruption of 2020, the print market is forecast to expand to $7.74B by 2022. How does a print or packaging company take advantage of this trend? The challenge they face is to make sure to be well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities by finding a printing management solution compatible with their needs.  

From sales and estimating, production planning, scheduling to production, print and packaging organizations need a printing management system flexible enough for your needs that reduces touchpoints and increases efficiencies. HiFlow Solutions offers a plethora of tools for PSPs and packaging and label operations that create seamless workflows and business management.

Printing management systems is software designed for the effective management and optimization of machines, people and processes in manufacturing environments. It is useful in the management of the volume and complex jobs that today’s print and packaging markets require. It also provides front end process integration, and data accuracy through a single source of truth system.

Workflow optimization with Printing Management Software

Some shop owners feel that if they optimize one specific workflow, for example pre-press, then the rest of the print production workflow will optimize as well. However, often this in itself will cause bottlenecks further down the workflow. HiFlow takes a wholistic approach with its central database which offers connectivity and optimization for the entire front and back end of your organization.

Improve customer experience (CX)

The current reality in the printing industry is defined by customer demands: more complex orders, more variable data, lower order value, super-fast turnaround times, order entry by customers, and less margin to play with to get the job in and out the door.  Can you improve CX as well as improve your bottom line? Yes. With a management information system like HiFlow. HiFlow MIS for Print creates a more touch-free workflow environment, which creates a faster print production workflow. A centralized database ensures data integrity and fewer errors. Easy dashboards allow CSRs to have access to job information that they can communicate easily to customers. Fast, smart and customer centric: An MIS is a win-win for print service providers.

With HiFlow Solutions

  • Automate print workflows to speed up ordering, scheduling and production
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in print production workflow
  • Fly through estimating jobs while reducing errors and improving consistency
  • Lower costs by automating print production workflows
  • Improve CX, staff productivity and company revenue

End-to-end printing management solutions with HiFlow

Software is your main tool to drive automation in print production workflow. With its robust MIS, HiFlow’s management information system has comprehensive tools that automate workflow–in both front end and back end operations–so companies can compete more effectively in the marketplace, maintain faster and leaner production times, and increase margins of profit.

In the past, print providers had viewed print production workflow as limited to shop floor processes. Today’s technology in an MIS system allows printers to connect all of the steps–representing people, processes, and equipment in an end-to-end-print production process. HiFlow Solutions manages all of it, with innovation and dedication to being a partner in a printing company’s tech journey.

Time for sales to pursue more jobs

Having a fast quote pipeline can make the difference between a sale and a loss.  With a fast estimating engine using automation, quotes get out to sales faster. A printing management system like HiFlow, with a customer service portal and CRM ensure that sales is actively communicating with customers. With a printing management system, sales will always know where the job is at, and has access to any issues which can then be speedily resolved.

Make customer data available in a management system work for sales

Having customer information at your fingertips gives sales an amazing amount of data they can use to assist with the sales process. HiFlow’s comprehensive data collection network provides tools for sales. Its CRM houses information that is infinitely useful to sales.

  • Industry – sales can research trends and target lucrative industries
  • Pricing structure, past incentives, reviews, feedback
  • Services received, jobs, shipping information, preferences
  • Cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Customized messages based on their purchase history and last order

Printing Management Systems offer in-depth reporting

In addition, reporting features in HiFlow’s printing management systems offer detailed real time data based reporting on sales trends. Using the data stored within the system, businesses can predict purchase behaviors and customer interest and tailor messages that will keep them interested in the products or services, which encourages them to purchase again and again.

The next steps…

Get HiFlow’s Printing Management System (MIS) and savings time, which translates to savings of labor and more opportunities to pursue sales leads. Print Management Systems investments save money and provide ROI almost immediately. Find out more about HiFlow today.