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Brief history about the iconic David Yurman jewelry | Sell David Yurman Rings

The David Yurman brand launched in 1980, with David and Sybil Yurman committing themselves to crafting jewelry that also functioned as works of art. David Yurman soon became known for its unconventional use of materials, for example in 1997 they were the first major jewelry designer to set diamonds in sterling silver jewelry. Yurman continues to use both traditional and exotic materials in his jewelry such as black titanium, forged carbon and meteorite.

David Yurman is a timeless model of inspiration, innovation and consummate craftsmanship. America’s foremost luxury jewelry and timepiece brand, the company was founded in New York City by David, a sculptor, and his wife Sybil, a painter, and built on a passion for art and design. When they began collaborating, their intention was not to start a business but to make beautifully designed objects to wear.

In 2003, their son, Evan Yurman joined the company. Drawing inspiration from natural textures, antiquities and cutting-edge materials, he has played an integral role in the design direction of the Men’s, Wedding and High Jewelry Collections. Today, Evan collaborates with David and Sybil on every aspect of the business.

David Yurman’s hallmark is the Cable motif. Designed in 1983 for the Cable Bracelet, this cable design, also referred to as a helix, consists of smooth metal rods that gently twist around each other. The Cable motif adds movement and depth to the jewelry they adorn. Since its inception, the cable has been at the heart of Yurman’s designs, be it as a carving, accent, clasp or setting as seen in rings, pedants, bracelets and earrings across various collections. David and Sybil Yurman received inspiration for the cable design from the intertwining forms seen in nature as well as those in ancient and modern architecture. According to Yurman, the cable motif symbolizes strength and harmony.

Get the price for your David Yurman bling

The first recommendation we have for people who want to sell David Yurman rings is to keep your jewelry in a lined jewelry box or watch box. This will prevent your item becoming scratched, scuffed or broken. Damage will cause a considerable reduction in re-sale value.

Retain your original David Yurman jewelry box and documentation, before you decide to sell David Yurman rings. If these are in great condition it will entice future owners of your jewelry to pay better prices. It is valuable to collectors and further proves your item’s authenticity.

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