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Sell David Yurman Bracelets

Looking to sell David Yurman bracelets? Reselling designer jewelry can be tough. Going back to the jeweller you bought a piece from often only results in an offer for store credit, if they offer anything at all. Other jewelers may try to only pay you for the market value of the raw gold, silver, or other precious materials that make up the item. At Sell Us Your Jewelry, however, we understand the true value of popular designers like David Yurman, and our nation-wide team of jewelry buying experts allows us to offer the best price for these pieces on the secondary market.

What you should know when you sell David Yurman Bracelets

Most pawn shops and jewelry buyers purchase pieces based on the “scrap value,” or the value of the raw materials contained within the item. Many designer jewelry pieces are made from sterling silver, which is worth significantly less than other precious materials like gold.

The price of one ounce of gold is typically enough to buy between 30 and 40 ounces of silver. But in recent years, the cost of gold has risen while silver prices plummeted. Now, the value of approximately 65 ounces of silver equals the value of one ounce of gold. With silver currently costing around $27 an ounce and gold valued at around $1,800 an ounce, most companies prefer to buy gold.

Diamond Banc has built long-standing partnerships with a network of jewelry resellers across the country, meaning we are much more likely to find an interested buyer for your piece exactly as it is, unlike a local store who will probably melt it down for parts.

Sell David Yurman Bracelets Near Me

Sell David Yurman bracelets to Sell Us Your Jewelry instead of another jewelry buyer that will just melt down your piece. At Sell Us Your Jewelry, the No.1 spot to sell David Yurman Bracelets, we have the expertise to notice high quality, stylish designs and pay accordingly.

Are you curious to find out what we would offer for your piece? To get a quote on your David Yurman jewelry, fill out our easy, no-obligations form to receive a quote in 24 hours or less, or bring it into one of our SYUJ locations today.

If anyone types “where to sell David Yurman bracelets” on any search engine, they should be directed to For over 40 years, SUYJ has dealt with clients across the country wanting to sell David Yurman bracelets. Whether located near our showroom in Miami or in a different locality, Gray and Sons Jewelers caters to all the luxury needs of clients in states such as California, New York, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, and more through its consignments’ division of Sell Us Your Jewelry. Not only is Gray and Sons a center to buy or sell my David Yurman jewelry, but we also do trades and repairs for all jewelry and swiss-made watches. With professional polishers, jewelers, and six in-house swiss-trained watchmakers, Gray and Sons Jewelers carries the combined experience of over 150 years in the luxury jewelry business. We guarantee to give our customers the best offer they’ll receive which is why we ask customers to come to see us last.