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Vic Digital Outsourcing Company Turns $100k Loss to $8M Sales for AU B2B Firm

Melbourne, Victoria: Miss Possible today celebrated the success of digital outsourcing client Asset Plant and Machinery after helping them turn a $100k loss into $8M in sales in just 3 months.

After moving away from a traditional marketing company to work with Miss Possible, Australian B2B industrial metalworking company, Asset Plant and Machinery saw a huge increase in leads and sales. This incredible turn around happened during Melbourne’s first COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. This was a period when many Australian companies struggled just to stay afloat.

Asset Plant and Machinery, with 25 years in the industry, engaged Miss Possible to take over their digital marketing after failing to see results with previous agencies.

Miss Possible’s structure enables businesses to have their own digital marketing and admin team that delivers results without the high overheads of a traditional agency or in-house staff.

Dave Tucker, CEO of Asset Plant and Machinery said: “Since moving our digital marketing to Miss Possible our lead generation has skyrocketed. Not only that but our marketing costs have halved”. Dave goes on to say: “I highly recommend Miss Possible to anyone wanting digital marketing”.

To learn more about Miss Possible and the Asset Plant and Machinery success story, click to watch Dave’s video review.

Founder of Miss Possible, Miss Kim, has more than a decade of experience in the Digital Marketing industry. During this time, Miss Kim realized that SME’s could not grow without digital marketing and admin support. However, it was obvious that budgeting for an in-house team of social media experts, SEO’s, content writers, graphic designers, email marketing, administrative support etc was not viable for many businesses.

From this realization, Miss Possible was launched and has been a gamechanger in the Australian digital outsourcing industry. Instead of needing to recruit and supervise outsourcers, SME’s like Asset Plant & Machinery and INTEG Solutions have expanded and grown their businesses.

Ron Laurie, CEO of INTEG Solutions says: “Thank you for giving INTEG a focus like it never has had.”

Miss Kim says: “A lot of businesses feel like their traditional digital marketing companies treat them just like they are a number. At Miss Possible, we treat our clients’ business like our own. We celebrate their successes too and we’re so excited for Asset Plant and Machinery’s latest achievements”.

Miss Possible is a Melbourne, Vic based digital outsourcing company that makes outsourcing easy for SME’s.

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