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Ways on Finding manufacturers for Fashion FMCG Brands – POPSHOWROOM

POPSHOWROOM has ten years of experience in the apparel industry and provides comprehensive solutions for all fashion brands.

We are a professional fashion clothing manufacturer, committed to providing services to global emerging companies and well-known brands. We will supervise the entire process from design, sampling, production, quality control and transportation to start to finish.

Why cooperate with us

We are a full-service design, sampling and manufacturing studio for sportswear, denim, swimwear, etc. We cooperate with global customers and companies, and our customers range from start-ups to established companies. We can help you develop your own collection from scratch so that you can build your own brand in one stop.

our service

We are one of the leading garment manufacturers focusing on small batch, high-quality production:

•MOQ 2-30 PCS clothing production

• A variety of fabric options

•Design and development: original pattern blocks, CADS &technology packages, printing designs and labels

• Competitive price + high quality control

• Fast turnaround time for sampling and production

• Accept private label or custom design

• International packaging and shipping

Daily update

By 2021, POPSHOWROOM has established a new clothing monitoring system through self-developed global public opinion analysis and monitoring technology.

The system comprehensively covers celebrity fashion from mainstream social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.

Based on these latest trends, we provide more than 200 new products every day. You can check the latest trends in the ‘Daily Update’ channel.

ODM customization

With a strong brand image, customers are more likely to remember your business. Influential brand names and logos/images help your company keep in touch with potential customers.

Original and advanced design is also very important. If customers are satisfied with your product or service, then a solid brand image will help build customer loyalty.

People like to associate with ‘decent’ brands. If customers feel positive about your brand, they are more likely to recommend your products to others.

In short: a good brand will attract the attention of customers, and we can help you make your brand stand out from the competition through our branding and design services.

Do you need to find a clothing wholesaler suitable for your brand in Guangzhou?

To cooperate with us, you only need to send us an email and provide a catalog. You can choose the styles of our existing shapes, and these styles can be customized with different fabrics, colors, prints and finishes.

You do not need to go to Guangzhou, the global clothing wholesale market, to achieve exclusive customization.