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98thPercentile brings the biggest Spelling Bee competition – Spell Kahoot 2.0

English dictionary has numerous words, and mastering them can be arduous or even near to impossible. However, learning new words and phrases every day is always beneficial and enhances your vocabulary. You may get introduced to these new words by reading articles or books. Implementing these words in your day-to-day communication can build and expand your vocabulary.

Different competitions like Spelling bee and quizzes encourage children to learn new words, their meanings, and how to implement these words in sentences. One such popular Spelling Bee competition is Spell Kahoot organized by 98thPercentile.

98thPercentile, an e-learning platform for children, is gaining mass popularity lately due to all the new contests they have been hosting.

One of them being Spell Kahoot 2.0. This event resembles the Spelling Bee contests popular in schools and colleges. Children from Grades 1-6 are eligible for these contests, and it gives them an excellent opportunity to brush up their vocabulary. Spell Kahoot 2.0 is the second and improvised version of their first online Spelling Bee competition, Spell Kahoot.

Spell Kahoot 2.0 will engage participants in a friendly competitive spirit. The competition will allow participants to demonstrate their reading and writing skills. The competition facilitates participants to display their command over grammar and vocabulary on a virtual platform.

The participants will be divided into three categories, depending on their present school grade. These three groups will be as follows: Early Learners (Grade 1 & 2), Runners (Grade 3 & 4), and Champs (Grade 5 & 6).

Since Spell Kahoot 2.0 is being held on an online platform,, the child will also have a chance to associate and interact with other children all across America and build new friendships in the name of Spelling Bee online competition and teamwork.

Students participating in Spell Kahoot 2.0 will blossom cognitive and life skills. Participants will gain a competitive spirit in a friendly environment. The icing on the cake is recognition for being a part of the Spell Kahoot Contest and no participation fee for the competition.

The Spell Kahoot 2.0 is a group challenge with 30 questions to be answered in each category. The children will be judged on their speed and accuracy in answering the challenging yet simple questions thrown at them. And the best part about the competition is that the organizers will even organize a practice session to give the students a live experience of the main challenge.

The Spell Kahoot 2.0 is planned to be organized in 3 different slots depending on the categories. The dates are as follows-

Early Learners – Grade 1 & 2 on 26th June

Runners – Grade 3 & 4 on 27th June

Champs – Grade 5 & 6 on 27th June

What is impressive and intriguing about this competition is the rewards in line. The winners of this Competition (Spell Kahoot 2.0) will receive many awards and scholarships. To name a few include Amazon Gift Vouchers and trial classes for one of our courses which include English, Coding, Math, and Public Speaking.

Without further ado, go to the link provided below and register your child for the biggest and best Spelling Bee competition of the year. Push them to learn a plethora of new words, spellings, and phrases and gain mastery over the English Language.

98thPercentile makes sure that your children gain invaluable skills through this Spell Kahoot contest. This competition will test and enhance the children’s cognitive and thinking skills, teach them the importance of organization and time management, and create a sense of friendly competitive spirit for a better future.

98thPercentile is a dominant and prominent e-learning website that offers live online programs to help students learn concepts that they could not grasp in school. 98thPercentileoffers enrichment programs (through online classes) in English (Reading & Writing), Coding, Math, and Public Speaking. These enrichment programs are designed to enhance a child’s innate skills and help them become proficient in all aspects.

The weekly classes organized by 98thPercentile have upgraded the standards of online courses yet kept it conventional. The instructors and teachers on this platform have made one-on-one interaction between students and teachers incredibly easy and smooth-flowing. The individual attention towards each student helps build their confidence and trust.

98thPercentile also organizes various events based on different subjects to enhance student’s learning. These events are free of cost. These contests aim to amplify and strengthen the child’s problem-solving skills in all areas.

Tap on the link below to register.



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