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Aktau children emergency surgery inaugurated by Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova

Saby charity fund, established in 2002 by prominent Kazakhstani businessman Kenes Rakishev (Keńes Hamıtuly Raqyshev) and his spouse Aselle Tasmagambetova, continues its mission to make the country more secure and healthy. Helping children who get injured is a effective way to accomplish the goal, save lives and attract the public attention to charity.

Saby Foundation, one of the oldest and most established charities in Kazakhstan, has selected a great goal to achieve: to build, equip and train emergency pediatric surgeries in the country. Saby, which will turn 20 in the next year, plans to build at least one or two more units. Kenes Rakishev Press reports on the occasion of opening a third one – in Aktau city.

Kenes Rakishev, the co-founder of Saby charity foundation, reports on the successful completion of the Aktau paediatric emergency surgery unit. This project, initiated by Saby’s president Aselle Tasmagambetova, is the third modern unit and ward, completed by Kenes Rakishev, friends and sponsors of the project, activists and volunteers. Such wards are already saving lives in Semey and Almata. The next such emergency surgery unit will be constructed in Petropavlovsk.

In June 2021, Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova welcomed members of the regional government administration, sponsors and our partners for the opening of a new emergency paediatric surgery department in Aktau, established by the Saby Foundation. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, the surgery will deliver timely and high-quality surgical care to improve the healthcare outcomes of children in the region.

The paediatric surgery, opened in the Mangystau Regional Multidisciplinary Children’s Hospital, marks the third surgical unit opened by the Foundation, with the first established in Almaty in May 2019, and the second at the University hospital in Semey in January 2020. Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova fund, the Saby Foundation plans on opening a further two surgeries in the coming years, each providing effective emergency and rehabilitation support to children.

In addition to the construction of departments, the delivery of the project includes training workshops to boost local capacity and ensure best quality provision of medical services. The Saby Foundation was founded by Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev with the vision of enhancing access to healthcare and education in Kazakhstan, and ensuring all young people have the opportunity to secure a bright future.

The events of this year have underscored the Kenes Rakishev’s Foundation’s commitment to supporting the lives and welfare of the people of Kazakhstan, and we are pleased to have delivered much needed emergency medical infrastructure to support these objectives.