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Helium Crypto Mining Device Deployment – Beginner Information Webinar Launched

iHub Global, a cryptocurrency resource provider, has launched a new webinar designed to educate viewers about the revenue opportunities of the Helium Blockchain.

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The newly announced resource offers them a short yet detailed introduction to the technology and how one can earn by helping expand its infrastructure. It also shows ways to obtain the necessary mining device from the company’s network of manufacturers.

The highlight of the webinar is the company’s proprietary business model that maximizes the earning potential of the network. According to the company, combining its unique model with Helium’s wireless network creates a tremendous opportunity for participants, especially for those who are looking for ways to recover financially from the pandemic crisis.

The company’s model rewards members based on their role, with hotspot owners earning 50% of their device’s production. Other members like referrers also earn a percentage of the mined tokens.

A more detailed explanation of this distribution model can be found at

Production or the process of mining for Helium is done using Helium hotspots that function like Wi-Fi hotspots. Instead of hosting one or two devices, however, these dedicated tools provide network coverage for numerous other devices connected via the Internet of Things.

Those who host these devices in their homes are rewarded with Helium tokens or HNT. Like Bitcoin and other popular tokens, HNT can be traded for real cash in various crypto exchanges.

Mining Helium differs in that it is not as resource intensive as Bitcoin, whose energy consumption is likened to that of a small country. Helium hotspots also have the advantage of being plug-and-play devices, meaning that it can start mining once it is set up, with no additional calibration needed from the owner.

Furthermore, iHub Global members are given the opportunity to support VivaKids, an organization working to lift underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic out of poverty. The company donates a small portion of its revenue to this non-profit.

Interested viewers who want to see the entire presentation may register at

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