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Indian Trail NC Rapid Eccentric Anaerobic Core/Strength Workout System Launched

Workout Anytime Indian Trail, a fitness center located in Indian Trail, North Carolina, announced the release of a new training system. The Rapid Eccentric Anaerobic Core (and strength) Training System (reACT) provides consumers with a high intensity workout without putting stress on the knees or back.

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The service was launched in order to offer consumers more efficient options to meet their personal fitness goals.

High-impact exercise strengthens joints by training all the muscles that surround it, which results in becoming functionally stronger. Although there are numerous benefits to high-impact exercise, it does carry some risks. High-impact movements create a force equal to about 2.5 times a consumer’s bodyweight, which adds stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons resulting in increased risk of acute and overuse injuries.

The new, advanced eccentric leg and core training system features a high intensity yet zero-impact technology that only requires two 10 minute workout sessions each week in order to significantly increase strength. reACT offers a duration range of 30 seconds to 5 minutes and speeds of 30 to 70 rpm. The formula is equivalent to up to 70 squats per minute.

The system is safe for consumers with knee and lumbar back issues. Continued use of the training system aids in long term injury prevention by improving the muscles’ ability to absorb impact.

More details are available at

In addition to a rapid increase in muscle strength as compared to traditional training methods, the system provides increased balance, coordination, kinesthetic awareness, core strength, and stability.

Along with the new reACT training system, the center also offers cardio, strengthening, expert personal coaching, hydromassage, tanning, small group training, an app, monthly fitness evaluations, 24 hour access, and more.

A satisfied client stated: “I’ve been a member at Workout Anytime for about a month now and I absolutely love it. The equipment and facility are well maintained and the staff is super friendly. The gym has awesome new equipment and you can access it 24 hours a day.”

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Workout Anytime Indian Trail
Workout Anytime Indian Trail

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