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Strader Ferris International Offers Logistics Services Businesses in Prescott, Ontario Can Count On

Prescott, Ontario – Strader Ferris International has been in operation for more than 65 years and has handled millions of cross-border shipments. The specialists have the experience and skills to build a solution that works for their client’s business, with more than 90% of their employees being licensed Customs Brokers and Customs Certified Specialists. The Strader Ferris International’s originality is that it focuses on developing a unique strategy and executing it to match the demands of the client’s business. The company was founded in 1953, based on honesty and transparency, allowing its clients to succeed.

Moving to Strader-Ferris International is painless and straightforward since customer transitions are handled directly by senior management and ownership, enabling a personalized and adjustable onboarding experience for the client’s company. The logistics service provider has also cross-trained its employees to provide experience in both Customs and Logistics, invested in I.T. solutions that streamline shipping and customs clearance from start to finish. Strader Ferris International has a proven track record of delivering successful solutions for both US and Canadian requirements as a single provider, using a flexible and innovative approach. Clients can benefit from better, easier, and more cost-effective solutions by combining their ideas with the Strader Ferris International experience.

Strader Ferris International can give options and pricing that make a difference, all handled in a single system, for domestic, international, small package, and palletized freight shipment. Clients can compare choices and ship with several carriers using their free transportation management tool. The freight company makes their clients’ lives easier by allowing them to see their whole supply chain in real-time. Their technology records all inbound and outbound shipments (and customs clearances) in one system, generates automated data on various variables and allows their full-time logistics consultants to help monitor and improve the client’s bottom line.

By providing cross-dock services for aggregated cross-border shipments, the freight company helps clients save money and stay competitive. This means they transport shipments into the client’s target market before tendering them to market-leading courier and trucking businesses for final delivery via more cost-effective domestic shipping methods. To turn international shipments into local shipments, Strader Ferris International’s own fleet of vehicles can transfer ground, air, and LTL (palletized) freight cross-border as a single cargo.

In addition, they have made it possible for businesses to open their doors to the nation and reach millions of new customers rapidly thanks to the hands-on point of contact for customs clearance wherever in Canada or the United States. As a Customs Broker and fulfilment supplier, Strader Ferris International is well-positioned to assist any company in setting up and managing Canada Duty Deferral programs. This allows businesses to land imported goods in their fulfilment warehouses and pay tariffs only after distributing goods. To automate shipping and customs clearing solutions, Strader Ferris International offers free connectivity with major eCommerce and ERP platforms, delivering accuracy, scalability, and efficiency by reducing paperwork and data keying.

Enjoy shipments delivered on time with no hassle with Strader Ferris International. Contact the premier logistics service provider via phone at (613) 925-4271. Visit the company’s website to see more about Strader Ferris International.

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