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US Financial Literacy Skills – Homeschooling Children/Teens Course Report Launch

Kids Products Reviews, a website specializing in reviews of children’s products, has just released a new report on MoneyTime, a virtual financial literacy course for children.

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This latest review will help parents and guardians find a high-quality and engaging online tool for teaching children about finances. The product is especially helpful for homeschooled kids and teenagers.

Financial literacy is an important life skill that has been linked to an individual’s ability to overcome personal difficulties and manage macroeconomic difficulties such as the pandemic or the 2008 economic crisis.

Despite the importance of financial literacy, an estimated 4 in 7 Americans are financially illiterate and only 24% of millennials understand basic financial topics.

Kids Products Reviews responded to these trends by publishing a report on MoneyTime, a comprehensive financial literacy training course for kids and young teenagers. The course aims to give children the lifelong skills necessary to make smart financial decisions.

MoneyTime comprises of 30 self-taught modules covering topics such as earning, banking, budgeting, borrowing, investing and business. The product is suitable for children aged 10-14.

The program features several entertaining games in which children make realistic financial decisions in a variety of situations. This enables young learners to gain practice making such decisions in a safe environment.

MoneyTime was originally developed to be used in New Zealand schools but is now available in the United States. According to the report, the program’s success as an educational tool in New Zealand makes it well-suited for homeschooled children in America as well.

This latest announcement is in line with Kids Products Reviews’ commitment to promoting development and education in a fun way for children. Moreover, the website has garnered several positive reviews among readers for its high-quality content and thorough product reviews.

A spokesperson for the website said: “At Kids Products Reviews, we are dedicated to finding the best education tools to help children of all ages learn and grow. Our newest review will help you teach your kids valuable life skills about financial literacy.”

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